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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baguio City Trip report

After our exhausting trip to Bataan i decided to stay in Pampanga for one more day met with some friends for a night out got drunk and next thing i know me and my friend merz is on the bus on our way to baguio. its a city in the north of the Philippines it was established by Americans in 1900 and was dubbed as the Summer Capital Of The Philippines because of its cool weather almost all year long. baguio is about 5 hours away from pampanga and i thing 6 to 7 from manila we rode victory liner bus my favorite bus for northern trips it cost us 297 php from Dau terminal to baguio while it will cost you double when you are coming from manila. when we get off the bus we check out the tourist information cbooth too look for some cheaper accomodation all of them are cheap but we are looking for real cheap accomodation as we are just planning to stay for a few hours not over night so we just decided to walk around and found this transient house not so far away from victory liner teminal the location was nice its just a walking distance from the terminal and to the mall. they charged us 500 php for a few hours stay and told us that if we decided to stay overnight we will just have to add 100 php the place was nice the owners are kind and friendly and there is also a canteen downstairs. we decided to sleep for a while like 2 hours before we start our city tour. after 2 hours my ipod alarm its time to wake up so i ask for a towel went to the bathroom and was shock to find out that they dont have a heater well you can boil a water but i really dont have a time for that so its do or die i choose die hehe i felt like taking bath in oceans of antartica but i love it it was so refreshing.


So after we freshen up ourselves we decided to start our city our we started at by riding a taxi to mines view one of the must see tourist spot of the city it offers fantastic mountain view nobody will believed you went to baguio if you doesnt have a picture at mines view. so we stay there for like 20 mins and decided to move on our next destination Burnham Park one of the most famous park in the country you can do a lot of things here eat,go boating,biking and walk around. so we are enjoying our picture taking when suddenly we saw ella and the gang my sisters bestfriend i was shocked cause i wasnt expecting to see them there right at that moment i belived its really a small world hehe. so they ask us what are we doin there and we did not contact them that we are also going so i said it wa sunplanned and that we are going down in a while she told me to just go down tomorrow with them and just sleep at their room tonight so i said yes anyway i really dont wanna go home yet. so while at the park we eat some street food like quail eggs and some chicken barbeque then we go to SM City the biggest mall in the city that doesnt need aircon.


We just decided to walked our way there and we pass by one of the most famous road of the city the beautiful session road i remember merz saying it feels like you are in new york or tokyo hehe and after a few minutes of walking we reach the mall so we roam a round for a while we found nothing special inside the mall as it is just the same as the other SM mall in the country expect they doesnt have aircon and the have a fabulous viewing point located at the 5th or 6th floor. then it started raining so we decided to go back to their hotel which is walking distance from the mall and near the Baguio Cathedral but since its raining we just took a taxi. their hotel was so beautiful and cheap Citylight Hotel i was really amazed that you can get a room for 400 php and its equipped with a tv but a common toilet and bathroom but not bad and the hotel comes with a restaurant and a bar which we visited later on that night. then the next day we continue our city tour starting off again to mines view because they wasnt able to visit the other day then to wright park because jaypee paula's son want to go horse back riding which cost 150 php for a 30 minute ride. then while they are enjoying horse back riding we decided to roam around wright park took the 150 plus stair up and check out the mansion the official residence of the president whenever she is in baguio especially during holy week. so after wright park we went to the baguio dry market to buy some pasalubong (souvenirs) and to buy some cheap vegetables. after that went back to the hotel to get our stuff eat lunch and ride the bus back to Pampanga.

Getting There:

By bus

From Manila

This is the most common and economical way to get to Baguio from Metro Manila. Several bus lines ply the Metro Manila to Baguio route with terminals scattered across the metro. It generally takes about 5 to 7 hours to get to Baguio by bus. An hour longer than it would by car due to stopovers along the way.

  • Victory Liner [2] has hourly bus service to Baguio from its Monumento Main terminal in Caloocan City, Cubao (+632 727-4534) and Pasay (+632 833-5019 to 20) terminals. Buses are generally modern and air-conditioned but seats are sized generally for Filipinos and tall people would need to take advantage of the various stopovers to stretch their legs. Cost is just under 400 Pesos per person one way. A non-stop deluxe bus service is also available for 600 Pesos per person one way, snack is served during the trip.
  • Dagupan Bus, Edsa cor. New York St., Cubao, Quezon City, Tel. +632 929-6123, 928-5639, 727-2330, 727-2287. Also serves the Manila to Baguio route via its Cubao Terminal. Buses leave on an hourly basis.

By air

Asian Spirit (As of June 2007)flies Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Manila to Baguio. The flight takes only 50 minutes and lands in Loakan Airport which is about a 20 minute ride south of the city center. A return ticket costs 6,000 pesos.

By car

The only motorway from Manila to the south to get to Baguio via car is using the North Luzon Expressway which extends until Sta. Ines, Pampanga and there is no more motorway beyond this, only narrow roads such as the McArthur Highway. Visitors need to pass through the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac and Pangasinan to get to Baguio quickly from Manila and the south. As much as driving is not advised for tourists in Manila, it is doubly risky to do it going to Baguio. There are three main routes leading up to Baguio by road, Kennon Road is the shortest taking only 30-45 minutes to climb from the foot of the mountain, Marcos Highway takes upto 1 hour to climb and Naguillan Road is 3 hours longer. All three roads can get blocked by landslides and Kennon Road with its long winding stretches is both scenic and dangerous. If you are intent on driving to Baguio, it would be best to hire a Filipino driver for this purpose. Most rental car companies in the Philippines offer chauffeur driven rentals in addition to the usual self-driven rentals.

Visitors need to keep in mind that it while it takes at average 6-7 hours to get to Baguio by car, it takes much longer during holiday weekends like Holy Week.

Places To Check Out :

Camp John Hay - the former R&R facility for American military personnel during the American occupation. Was turned over to the Philippine Government in 1991. Now under the auspices of the Bases Conversion & Development Authority (BCDA), Camp John Hay is now a sort of country club complete with an 18-hole golf course, horseback riding, camping and many more. A condotel has also been in operation since 2001.

Mines View - enjoy the view of the beautiful mountain scenery

Session Road - the main thoroughfare of Baguio, where most of the city activity is centered.

Philippine Military Academy

Wright Park

Burnham Park - go for a walk or go rowing on the small lake (100 pesos per hour).

Strawberry Fields - go strawberry picking which is a jeepney ride out of the main city.

Riverside Hotel - Enjoy Hot Spring Swimming Pools in a Valley surrounded by Lush Green Vegetation and stay the night (just 19Km from City Center), near the two Asin Tunnels drilled by the Spanish colonizers using prisoners of war during the second part of the 19th.century, one 158 feet and the other 95 feet long (starting at 1,300 pesos per night).

If your going to visit baguio during the month of February you should check out the Baguio Flower Festival of famously known as The Panagbenga.

For night out out in the city you might wanan check out Citylight Hotel or the bars at Nevada Square.

Where To Stay:

Click Here

but i strongly recommend

The Citylight Hotel located at 245 Upper General Luna Road Baguio City
Contact No. (074) 444-7544 to 47

Standard Single Room - 450php
Single bed with common toilet and bathroom

Standard Twin - 900php
Two single beds with common toilet and bathroom

Standard Double - 1,200php
One doeble bed with toilet and bathroom

De Luxe Double - 1,600php
One double bed with toilet and bathroom-carpeted

De Luxe Twin - 1,800php
Two semi double beds with toilet and bathroom

Family Room - 2,200php
Two semi double beds with balcony

Executive Suite - 2,800php
One Room with double bed and living room

Presidential Suite - 3,200php
One master bedroom with toilet and bathroom,one oom with two semi double beds with common toilet and bathroom

Apartelle 1 - 3,200php
One master bedroom with toilet and bathroom,one oom with two semi double beds with common toilet and bathroom and fully furnished kitchen

Apartelle 2 - 4,000 php
One master bedroom with toilet and bathroom,one oom with two semi double beds with common toilet and bathroomand fully furnished kitchen and a balcony.

Photo Gallery Of Baguio City

Marcos Highway Going To Baguio City



View From The Transient House



The Transient House


Microtel Inn


Victory Liner Bus Terminal

Mines View













Burnham Park







Session Road



SM CITY Baguio












The Baguio Cathedral





The Bar At Citylight Hotel

Rooms at Citylight

Mines View Again





The Mansion and Wright Park










Baguio Dry Market



Citylight Hotel

Our Messy Room