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Monday, November 26, 2007

Feature Resort: Badian Island Resort and Spa

Looking for a perfect place for your wedding or honeymoon getaway? well worry no more as im going to feature the fabulous Badian Island Resort in the queen city of the south Cebu. Badian Island Resort is a private resort in the Island of Cebu equipped with luxirous suites, Resort own Spa,Restaurants,Bars and very own private island with white sandy beaches. making it one of the countries top honeymoon destination. The natural beauty of the island is breathtaking. Lush palms speckle the private sandy beach that slowly slips into the azure lagoon. A white tongue of sand whisks you out into an inspiring world between heaven and ocean. staying at Badian is like heaven especially if your with someone so special.

Getting There:

The Badian Island Resort & Spa at the southwest side of Cebu is just abt. a 2,5 hours' car drive from Cebu International Airport,

Wanna be pick up at Cebu International Airport? Click Here


sandy beach at the Lagoon, Private Beach at Coral Garden

6) THALASSO POOL VILLA 98 sqm + Pool; (8) Badian Suite 85 sqm; (18) Junior Suites 65 sqm, (10) Family Suites 65 sqm

All suites with Private Balcony, Sea & Mountain view, Kingsize (or Twin) Beds, air-conditioned, hot water 24 hrs, Bathtub, Shower, WC, Bidet, Minibar, Hairdryer, Bathrobe, Slippers, Tea/Coffee Maker, Telephone, Safety Box (with interior loading facility for laptops and cell phones), CD Cassette Player with Radio, 220 V.
Badian Suites with elegant Sofa, glass-roofed Panorama Bathroom with bathtub & separate WC & Bidet, the THALASSO POOL VILLAS additionally have each a private seawater Pool!
Junior Suites & Family Suites with Open-Air marble bathtub with separate shower room.

BADIAN Natural SPA & Thalasso & Sauna,

Restaurants: Panorama Restaurant, Beach and Poolside Dinner facilities; Romantic Dining on Board of Pleasure Yacht DOLPHINA anchored in Badian Bay.

Bars: Panorama Bar, Romantic Shell Beach Bar with Happy Hour

Beach & Pool Parties

Freshwater Swimming Pool with small waterfall

Excursions: Kawasan Waterfalls Tour, Town and Village Tours, Orchid Garden Tour, Picnics, Glassbottom-Boat Tour to Coral reefs, Sunset Cruising, Island-Hopping, Dolphin & Whale Watching

Pleasure Yacht Dolphina: for Island Hopping & Dolphin Watching & Bay Cruising

PADI Scuba Dive Center with Diving School

Free Sports: Windsurfing, Paddleboats, Badminton, Billiard, Dart, Table tennis, Table Soccer, Volleyball, Parlour Games

Clubhouse, TV-Video Room, Boutique
Children’s Playground, Baby sitting service

Roundtrip transfers from Cebu Airport or Cebu City to the Hotel, Helicopter transfer on request

Amenities: Welcome Drink, Evening Entertainment, Boat transfer to West Coral Beach for snorkelling/swimming, Good Bye Serenade with shell lei.


Pool Villa-$437
Badian Suite-$287
Junior Suite-$205
Family Suite-$153

Photo Gallery Of Badian Island










Restaurant and Bars




The Resort













The Badian Spa



Kawasan Falls


Images Via (bingbing and Badian Island Resort and Spa)

Official Website: Click Here


Reyville of Simply Manila said...

WOW, what a fantastic place. Sana magawi ako riyan kapag SUMMER.

dodong flores said...

This is my friend's destination this coming December. I have heard of this before that if you get married in this place, you would plant one piece of a tree. Interesting. I'll get to visit this place one of these days...

GMG said...

Wow! Wow! Another fantastic spot in the Philippines. It's incredible! I definitely need to retire to enjoy all these places you're showing us!
Great pictures!
Enjoy a beautiful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Fabulousa nmn that place

Anonymous said...

Fabulousa nmn that place

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AudreyRose said...

WOW! this is paradise :) I really want to visit this place but unfortunately i can'r 'coz i'm on a tite budget right nw. hehehe... but someday (wishful thinking hehe).

Anonymous said...

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