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Monday, March 3, 2008

Holy Week Destinations in the Philippines

Holy week is just around the corner. for some its a season to pray and for forgiveness for all the sin they have committed while for some its a time for a vacation over a hard days of work. well for me i usually celebrate my holy week with family except for last 2006 as i went to Boracay with a friend. but for this year i will just stay at home. and for those of you who are going to visit Philippines for the holy week here are some of the places worth visiting for the Lenten season.

la union12La Union is fast becoming a favorite among local and foreign tourist especially for surfing enthusiast it is dub as the "Surfing Capital of the North" as well as " The Pilgrimage Capital of the North". The stretch of white and gray sand beaches along the towns of La Union is the main attraction to tourists. beaches to check out are Buang Beach,San Juan Beach, Agoo -Damortis National Seashore Park,Agoo,Caba and White Sand. while in La union you can also enjoy its historic landmarks, cultural and man made attraction such as Museo de La Union and La Union Botanical and Zoological Garden.

penitensyaPampanga- province is located in the Central Plain of Luzon hemmed at all sides by all provinces in the region. Pampanga bound Bulacan on the south and southeast, on the north by Tarlac and Nueva Ecija, and on the northeast and westwise by Zambales. if you want to experience different kind of holyweek like men and women crucified live at your very eyes or men carrying cross and whipping their self to blood then head on to Pampanga. lots of activities going on there during holyweek. you can as well try to sing the pasyon is some places. plus you got to taste Pampangas best cuisine.

Situated amidst the mountainous region of Cordillera, 1,500 meters above the sea, 250 kilometers north of Manila. Baguio City is one of the few places in the Philippines blessed with a cool climate. "The Summer Capital of the Philippines" is gifted with majestic mountain view,well preserved cultural and historical attraction. surely a one great destination for the whole family.

bohol-chocolate_hillsBohol- is one of the most sought after destination in the country. and the province is not about chocolate hills. it also boost majestic white sand beaches. some old churches and one of bohols pride a visit to the tarsier sanctuary. how nice eh?

cebuCebu- of course not to be outshine it wasnt dub as "The Queen City of The South" for nothing. i consider cebu to be one of the must visit place for the holyweek. you can do almost everything there wether you are feeling relegious or just wanna lay down on cbu's finest beaches.

42282704.sandbarCamiguin is a small volcanic island in the Philippines actually its the second smallest province in the country but as they say small things comes with big package cause this tiny town has a lots to offer from its white sand,hot springs and dive spots.

batangasBatangas this is the place for those who dont want to be far away from the city. especially for diving enthusiast.

coron bay 01Palawan Coron- doesnt need a further introduction as it is one of the most favorite among the top dive site in the country. but just for those who are clueless about Coron it is famous for its wreck diving not only in the Philippine but in the whole world it has a large amunt of historic sunken ships which can be visited and seen with great clarity. some of these famous wrecks are Irako Wreck,Okikawa Maru Wreck,The Akitsushima Wreck,Kagyu Maru Wreck,Olympia Maru Wreck and more.

puerto32Puerto Galera- one of the most visited place in the Philippines during the holyweek. aside from its being near to manila it is also a good destination for a group of friends or family on a budget. good beaches and hard core party.

and finally

Boracay. do i need to say more?


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GMG said...

Thanks for the tips. They all look wonderful: Baguio, Cebu, Borocay... Unfortunately, no chance to get there and return to work on time... ;))
But I won't forget the beautiful sites you show us. One day, you'll see me there... ;))

tutubi philippines said...

at san naman kaya ako punta susunod?:P

kegler747 said...

I can't agree more. Perfect choices... I love Camiguin!!!

A Simple Life said...

ganda talaga ng pilipinas!

Lawstude said...

I am still undecided where to go this Holy Week. Your tips certainly is a big help for I have narrowed my choice to at least four choices. Thanx for sharing.

Sidney said...

Good choices... I am taking the plane to one of those destinations tomorrow! :-)
Enjoy the Holy Week with your family.

ladywow said...

help! we need a place to stay in la union...unfortunately lahat ng mtawagan q fuly buk. help pls. un pwede 4 d kids. thanks.

iggy said...

nice, It would be nice to be more specific locations within an area like here in cebu, If eople wanna eat meat during holy week, they can go to Bantayan Island!! - hehehe

have you featured already whale watching areas?! I'm thinking of becoming a local tourist hehehe - you have a nice blog here keep it up!!

GMG said...

Hey, where are you? Miss your comments at Blogtrotter
Have a great weekend, wherever…

Prince Couen Golez said...

this is a very good blog: informative and entertaining as well.

keep up the good work!

god bless

Rafe Totengco said...

I miss our beaches so much!

ardee sean said...

been in Puerto Galera and Bohol this summer.. soon sa Palawan and Negros.. tara!

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