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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Resort: Blue Mango Inn Boracay

Blue Mango Inn is Located on the best beach in the Philippine Island,Created to be the best on the island, Blue Mango is a marvelous beachfront hotel with 8 luxurious rooms to choose from. it offers great view of the beach, quality service and not to mention a to die for variety of food from Asian cuisine to European they have it in blue mango. they are committed to served only the best food. blue mango is actually a one stop resort as it not only offer rooms,a bar and a restaurant but it also offers a top quality diving center. PADI ACCREDITED of course. the blue mango dive center houses the best diving equipment and top caliver dive instructor in the island. so when we say diving in boracay its gotta be with Blue Mango Dive Center.the resort is a family owned business so expect some tender loving care they will truly make you feel like a member of the family and not just an ordinary guest.

during my visit to the island last year i stay right next to blue mango. i had my first lunch there and since then i can say i got addicted to their food. from breakfast to dinner i make sure i will spend it in blue mango my favorite includes adobo,pasta,frozen ice tea and and their very own mango margarita. the beach front garden of the resort is good for breakfast and lunch while their rooftop dining area is best during dinner. and that's not all blue mango also offers a lot of activity for their guest to ensure they will never get bored these are boating,snorkeling trip,deep sea fishing, and sunset cruise. well all that plus a memory to last a lifetime.

Getting There:

The easiest way to Boracay is to fly direct to Caticlan, which takes all of 36 minutes.

Via Kalibo: The next best way is to fly to Kalibo Airport. From there you take a two-hour (2-hour) ride to Caticlan.

For the ride between Kalibo and Caticlan, mini-vans, air-conditioned buses and rental vehicles run in both directions, direct from the airport and Caticlan Jetty Port.

Upon arrival at the airport you can get a tricycle that will take you to the Caticlan Jetty Port, where all the boats to Boracay are stationed. From the port it would take you atleast half an hour to get to Station 3 where the resort is located. From there, a few minutes walk is needed to get to the Blue Mango Inn resort. Pickups from the airport can also be arranged with their hotel staff.

Rooms Type and Rate

Standard Room
$38 Low Season (June to October)
$60 High Season(November to June)

$68 Super Peak Season (Christmas,New Year,Chinese New Year,Easter)

De Lux
$50 Low Season (June to October)
$70 High Season (November to June)
$82 Super Peak Season (Christmas,New Year,Chinese New Year,Easter)

3 Room Suite (Good For Up to 5 Persons)

$70 Low Season (June to October)

$102 High Season (November to June)

$120 Super Peak Season (Christmas,New Year,Chinese New Year,Easter)

Extra Person 400php or almost $10

Resort Office Address

Sitio Angol, Barangay Manoc Manoc Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
Telephone (63 36) 288 5170 • Fax (63 36) 288 5972

You can also pay for your reservation online using PayPal

Photo Gallery Of Blue Mango



Standard Room

De Lux

De Lux Garden Rooms

De Lux Room


The place where great drinks are made


Boracay View


Sand Castle

The Mini Mango Boat

Boating Trip

The Famous White Sand Of Boracay

Ready for a Swim?

Tan Anyone?

The Resort Front

Dine in the Garden Overlooking The Sea


The Infamous Rooftop Area

Have you seen my two glass of frozen ice tea?

Dive Center

Under The Sea



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Boracay Hotels said...

Nice Shot, i love your photos. i really enjoyed it.

Ang cute naman ni NEMO.. ganda pala sa underwater.

Thanks for sharing

Tanya Gemarin

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