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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Destination: Pagudpud

Pagudpud Dubbed as The Boracay of the north. is a coastal resort town on the northernmost tip of Luzon in the Philippines. It is bounded to the south by the town of Bangui and to the east by the Cordillera Mountain Ranges, the island has powder white sand and you will be having a hard time guessing which is bluer the sky or the sea? i tell you it is one of the best destination in the Philippines it doesnt only offer white sand beaches but scenicviews,creeks,lagoon,falls,caves are one of the many few attraction of this island. not to mention it is very inexpensive too. pagudpud is not the place if you want to party at night. so i advice you bring some of your favorite drinks along with friends and drink the night away. thats the best nightlife you can have in pagudpud. so dont go to pagupud alone unless you are soul searching or just wanna be alone. in these days pagudpud is fast becoming the surfing capital of the Philippines. yes aside from skinny dipping he he surfing is a major water activity in the island too so all you surfin enthusiast its the place for you. and while you are in the island why not check out the Marcos Mansion and Marcos Museum to get a taste of there extravagant lifestyle during there time of power. so what are you waiting for if you want to visit an island that can rival the white sand with mighty waves and strong winds of Hawaii this is the place to be.

Getting there:

There are some choices, some more convenient than others.

To get to Pagudpud, first get yourself to the Philippines. You'll arrive in Manila, one of the world's biggest cities. It's an awesome place that is choked with traffic, people and life. There are skyscrapers, malls, parks and attractions in large numbers. Accommodations in Manila run the range, from the deluxe to the seedy. The Makati district has some of the city's finest hotels. Many, including the most high-class, offer excessive discounts to balikbayans and the cheapest rates to local residents.

Flight schedules to and from Laoag, the provincial capital of Ilocos Norte, are difficult to come by. Things keep changing. Philippine Airlines used to have connecting flights to and from Manila. Air Philippines used to fly there, too. Laoag International Airlines has or used to have operations there. There are some carriers that fly directly from Taiwan. The province has long talked about upgrading its airport to increase tourism, but so far it's just that.

Land transportation (Bus)
Take a long-distance bus and ride 8 hours to the Northern part of Luzon, known as Ilocos Norte. Ilocos is home of historic Vigan that offers the oldest stone-built houses in the country and Laoag City that holds the so-called "Malacañang of the North". But those are just sites you'll be passing through when you go to Pagudpud beach which is located 110 kilometers from Vigan.

Some bus companies will take you straight to Pagudpud from Manila. Be cautious because the trip is long and you'll be traveling about 350 miles, approximately the distance between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The bus (ordinary fare buses) often stops to unload passengers or pick up new ones. If you leave Manila at 7:30 p.m., expect to arrive in Pagudpud anywhere between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. getting a Deluxe, air-conditioned bus makes things a lot more manageable -- and a lot speedier because of fewer stops. A night trip isn't that bad; just fall asleep, and when you wake up, you're there.
Here's a list of some of the bus companies that originate from Manila.
Auto Bus Dimasalang cor. Laong Laan St., Sampaloc, Manila
Fariñas Transit Laong-Laan St., cor. M. dela Fuente, Sampaloc, Manila
Maria De Leon Transit Dapitan St., Sampaloc, Manila
Partas Transit Aurora Blvd., cor. Bernardo St., Cubao, QC
Philippine Rabbit Rizal Ave., Sta. Cruz, Manila
RCJ Transit 1558 España, Sampaloc Manila
Viron Transit 1209 Dapitan cor. Blumentritt St., Sampaloc, Manila

Where To Stay:
Polaris Beach House Brgy Saud Rates:
US$20-40 Contacts: Mean Santos - +63919.307.8803

Villa Del Mar Brgy Saud Rates: US$40-80 Contacts:

Saud beach resort and hotel Brgy Saud Rates: US$80-120 most expensive hotel in the area Contacts:

there are other more resort hotel when you get to pagudpud and most are cheaper than these 3.

Sunny Pagudpud

Saud White Beach

Saud White Beach

Saud White Beach

Kabigan Streams

Bantay Abot Cave

Agua Grande

Kabigan Falls

Saud Beach

Apo Idon Resort Saud Beach

Beach Volleyball

The Town Plaza

Patapat Bridge



Nikolaj Masnikov said...

What a wonderful place! I wish I lived here!

geri a.k.a. spamdog said...

Hi there. kindly remove the badge of Sikat Ang Websaytko, its not working anymore. The URL has been changed. Please dropby at Thanks.

Mike said...

What a super resource - just found, but I'm slow! hehehe I'm moving to Pagudpud Ilocos Norte or nearby in Mid-October of this year (2008) from the U.S. and would appreciate whatever recommendations you might have regarding housing, weather, places to see and things to do, currently. Since the wind blows there much of the time (hence the Bangui Wind Farm) the ambient temperature should be cool. Is it? Any relevant information will be much appreciated.

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