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Monday, May 28, 2007

Resort: Amanpulo

Amanpulo (which means 'peaceful island') is a premiere hotel resort here in the Philippines. and one of the best in the world. set on a secluded, private island. Pamalican is part of the Quinilubangroup, which makes up the northern half of the Cuyo Islands and is one of nearly 1,800 islands in Palawan, the largest province in the Philippines. A low-lying coral island, Pamalican is rimmed by seven square kilometres of pristine reef. the island is private property and belongs in totality to the resort. It is part of the high-end Aman group of resorts, under the name Amanpulo . and because its a very high-end resort it has been rumored that oprah and other powerfull people around the world go here to experienced the peace of the island. and this is not a rumor mariah carey have spent her vacation here after her concert in manila and before heading to hong kong. well i hope i didn't get you intimidated but expect to ditch out some big molla if you are planning a vacation in amanpulo as its cheapest Tree Top Casitas rates between 500 to 700 US$. depends on the season. The resort’s 40 casitas (65-square-metre cottages in hillside and beachfront settings) are modelled after the Philippine bahay kubo (native dwelling). Inside, decorative details pay homage to neighbouring islands: pebble-washed walls, coconut-shell tables, rustic Palawan rice and knife baskets, a king-size bed with a rattan headboard and sliding-glass doors that reveal outdoor decks with his-and-her divans. Nearly half the space in a casita is given over to a Cebu-marble bathroom, with twin vanities, separate changing areas, a shower and an elegant bathtub. All rooms have satellite TV and CD players. DVDs can be supplied upon request. facilities includes Restaurants,Swimming Pool,Library,Boutique and Galleries,Tennis,Gym,Massage and Beauty Services,Lagoon Retreat, it also offers numerous water activities such as jet ski,windsurfin and many more. it is a a romantic getaway with abundant sun, sand and surf. While some guests might prefer to laze and bask in sunshine and tranquillity, the rich marine waters and surrounding reef provide a host of adventurous options from diving and windsurfing to snorkeling and fishing. There are trained staff on hand to ensure visitors have a safe and rewarding experience. so if you are ready to throw some big cash here in the Philippines AMANPULO is for you to check out.

Getting There:

Amanpulo is accessed by scheduled charter flight from Manila, which has flights to several major international destinations. Guests are met at Manila's international airport and taken by complimentary transfer to the Amanpulo lounge, adjacent to the departure point. Transfers and flight vouchers are all arranged by Amanpulo staff. Guests fly directly to Pamalican Island in a 19-seat, twin-engine turboprop, landing at the resort’s private airstrip.

The cost of the round trip air transfer, Manila-Amanpulo-Manila, is US$325 per adult. The fare for children under seven is US$175, while infants under two years are charged US$55. Baggage is limited to 20kg per adult, including carry-on luggage.

Photo Gallery of Amanpulo


Relaxing beach casitas

have a romantic dinner by the beach

an example of treetop casitas

beach front

Hillside Casita

Swimming pool

near the "Windsurf Hut".

View of Pamalican from the air, with airstrip.

Swimming pool


beach front cabanas

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