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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Destination: Siquijor

Who is up for some adventure? well this is not a usual adventure such as diving and rock climbing not even wakeboarding and bunjee jumping. hmmmm its more of a SuperNatural Adventure yeah you heard it right SuperNatural Adventure. and what kind of SuperNatural Adventure? well in this destination we are going to Explore Siquijor The Mystic Island Of The Philippines. filipinos call it mystic for it is so mysterious many believe that black magic truly exist in the island not only that it is also believe that the island is home to "ASWANG" filipinos equivalent to Dracula,Vampire or Monster. but i tell you "ASWANG" is more interesting as they are human in the morning and can be a snake,pig,cat,dog or whatever animal she/he wants to be for the night. they say there are some "MANANANGAL""HALF BODY ASWANG" haunting the island. and others creature of the unknown. well filipinos have never run out of fictional stories and characters. and many still believe in this Supernatural Creatures. even now that we are in the digital age Supernatural is always a part of filipino culture. would you believe that Aswang's is Digital nowadyas too? hehe anyway maybe you are wondering why im telling you this scary stories about siquijor? u might dont wanna go there anymore, hehe well these are all Supernatural Beliefs there are no known Facts if this really happens. u can believe it or not. But Siquijor is not all about Aswang the island is as normal as like the many other island in the Philippines.Beautiful and Truly Wonderful. white sandy beaches,unexplored caves,breathtaking mountain views and waterfalls and great diving sites are just few of the many things Siquijor can offer aside from its Mytical Stories. so u up For the Adventure or are you Scared now?


Siquijor is the southern most island in the Visayan Island group in the Philippines. It is about 3O kilometers southeast of Negros Island and about 5O kilometers from the closest point of northwestern Mindanao. It is separated from the other islands by the Tañon Strait on the northwest, the Sulu Sea on the southwest and the Mindanao Sea on the South. The topography is hilly but it is also surrounded by stretches of white sandy shorelines.

From Manila, scheduled airlines fly to Cebu City and Dumaguete City, where transfers to inter-island ferries can be arranged. There are three seaports on the island. Smaller commercial ships use the port on the towns of Lazi and Larena. These ports are the main trunklines for travelers to and from the neighboring islands of Negros, Bohol, Cebu and northwestern Mindanao. The third port, on the town of Siquijor, is used mainly for motorized outriggers and launches that ferry daily to and from Dumaguete City on the island of Negros.
Air travel by small aircrafts can be arranged at Cang-alwang Airport, about 4 kilometers from downtown Siquijor. There are no regularly scheduled flights to and from Siquijor but a charter can be arranged from the neighboring islands.

Here is one place you shouldnt have to miss when u go to Siquijor. spooky eh!

"BLACK MAGIC MARY" Siquijor Island is one spooky place. It's

riddled with abandoned churches and unexplored caves and known throughout the Philippines for its black magic and mangkukulam, or traditional healers. The real hair-raiser is a statue of the Virgin Mary in the village of Maria , a winding 15-km drive through the mountains from the main port of Larena. In her right hand she clutches a skull and in her left an inverted crucifix. Leave before dark. it is really a place to check out well this one makes me really scared but just get me more curios about the island its just one thing for sure now im not getting my booty there ALONE.

the statue of virgin mary in the village of maria.

Where to Stay

Aloha Beach Resort

Pat and Memerta Omandam
Candaping Bay,
Maria(35) 922-6074

Casa de la Playa
Emily B. Gom-os & llse "Terry" Schwaha
Sandugan Beach,
Larena, Siquijor
6226(035) 377-2291 / (035) 484-1170 / +63917-323-2656

Coco Grove Beach Resort
Mary Joy B. Dayot (Manager)
Tubod, San Juan, Siquijor
(35) 481-5008 / Fax (035) 481-5006
Coco Grove Beach Resort is well maintained and beautifully landscaped. New for 2006 is an additional swimming pool and resort expansion.

Coral Cay Resort
David & Helen Gerdin Solangon,
San Juan, Siquijor, 6227 Philippines
(635) 481-5024 / +63919-269-1269

This resort remains the top choice for lodging and dining. The Coral Cay Resort maintains a consistent level of high quality. The resort is easily accessible from the main road with no stair steps to negotiate. The beauty and cleanliness of the Coral Cay is unsurpassed. Maintenance is performed on a regular schedule. The food is always fresh and prepared properly. Coral Cay offers their guests peace of mind by accepting major credit cards. New for 2005 & 2006 are a new workout gym, a remodeled cottage, a new two-story cottage, expanded spa features, kayaks, etc. The owners are constantly making improvements and adding new features. They care…and it shows!

Das Traum Guest Haus
Pangi, Siquijor, Siquijor
(063) (35) 480-9117 / (063) 918-347-9545 / (063) 906-915-6728
Manager: Jeanne A. Calimpong
Owner: Jaime and Joy Lopes

Dondeezco Beach Club & Resort
Dumanhog, Siquijor
(635) 480-9066 / 422-8506 / +63928-414-3370 / +63921-904-1158

The rooms are not reflective of local style and resemble that of conventional motel rooms.

Dumanhog Blue Wave Resort & Restaurant
Dumanhog, Siquijor
(035) 480-9190
Manager: Fe Marchan
(Click here to view a selection of photos)

This 12 room resort has a beach-view pavillon with the capacity of 60 persons. It is available for private rental for reunions, seminars, etc.
Hard Rock Cottages
Elma & Alex v. Essen Bitaug,
Enrique Villanueva
Siquijor 6230(0063) 35 480 33 89(0063) 918 6569993

Elma and Alex v.Essen took over in January of 2004. All accomodations, facilities, restaurant and bar were either rebuilt or completely renovated.

Islander's Paradise Beach & Restaurant
Brian & Lucki Micklewright (Mgr. Nely)
Sandugan, Larena,
6226 Siquijor(63) 918-332-0906 or +63920-558-8588
or +63919-590-7516

Kevin's Beach House
Rosenda Kaiser
Candanay Sur
(63) 0927-409-2987

Kiwi Dive Resort
Bruce & MarithesSandugan
Beach, Larena,
6226 Siquijor(63) (35) 424-0534 / 0912-405-0956

Kiwi offers fun diving and all Padi courses.

Mango Tree Beach Resort
Tony & Judy Balbarino
Norte Maria, Siquijor 6229
+63928-348-4354 / +63919-329-7523
/ +63920-385-9343 / +63919-585-2650

Now offering international cuisine with full service catering in and out of the resort.

Norwegian Dream Beach Resort
Candanay Norte, Siquijor, 6225 Siquijor
(63) (35) 480-9095 / 0916-520-3504
Fax: (63)-035-480-9094

On The Rocks Cafe and Guest House
Tab-ibo, San Juan, Siquijor, 6227 Siquijor
Lara and Paul McDonough
(63) (35) 481-9687

Princesa Bulakna Resort
(SriVishaya Corporation)
Candaping Bay, Maria, Siquijor

Booking Office: #19 Yakal Street, Daro, Dumaguete City
Telephone Number: (035) 225-1036
Dumaguete Booking Office - (035) 225 - 1036Mercy Lim - 09217598120
Mr. Dante T. Gillesania
Dr. Ed Apolinar

Royal Cliff Resort
Arlene & Erich MackMaite,
San Juan, Siquijor 6227(63) (35) 481-5038

Arlene and Erich are among the friendliest people on the island. The cleanliness of this resort is outstanding. This is a friendly & family oriented choice for accommodations on this island. They have added another cottage and a new restaurant.

Villa Marmarine
Toshitl (Dagman) & Marie Harada
Candanay Sur, 6225 Siquijor

Absolutely beautiful architecture with a Japanese flair.

Other Places to Stay:

The Bruce (New for 2006)
Owner: Catherine Robertson
Manager: Jessica

Located on the beach of Solangon, the house offers a holiday home for families, groups and couples.

The Swiss Stars Guest House and Restaurant
Geri & Rea
Luginbuhl National Highway,
Pangi, Siquijor, Siquijor 6225
(635) 480-5583

If you do not need to stay at a resort, this is an excellent choice. The prices are extremely reasonable and the food is good. In-room internet access available. Ask for their low weekly/monthly rates.

La Costa Chalet and Café
Dumala-ay, Sandugan,
Larena, Siquijor(635) 377-2311

Rady's Pension House
Wendel M. Chan
Siquijor(635) 480-3111

Most rooms share a common restroom.

Mykel's Garden Pension House and Restaurant
(Formerly Garden Orchid)
Across from Allied Bank in Larena
(635) 377-2548 / +63916-506-5166 / +63917-202-7501

North Haven Lodge
Mrs. Jeannette Cuyno
Larena, Siquijor(635) 377-2358 / 377-2099

Siquijor Guest Room
Located on the 2nd floor of the Atong Botica Building near the Siquijor Municipal Hall-

Siquijor Lodge and Restaurant
Located in Pulangyuta on the National Highway.

Webs Legacy Inn
Port Area, Siquijor, 6225 Siquijor
(63) (035) 480-5539
DECS Beach Cottage
(owned by the Department of Education)
Solangon, San Juan, Siquijor
(Click here to view pictures and additional information)

PhotoGallery Of Siquijor

Diving In Siquijor

Paliton Island

San Juan Beach

Salgdoong Island

Crocodile Hills

From The AIR

Cambuhagay Falls


Cambuhagay Falls

Siquijor Caves

San Antonio Old Churches

Scenic View



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